Company profile

Company profile

Ontex is a leading international personal hygiene group.

Ontex was founded in Belgium in 1979 as a supplier of underpads for hospitals, clinics and care homes. Today we have offices and manufacturing plants in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Pakistan and in North and South America. Ontex is headquartered in Aalst, Belgium and went public in June 2014.

Company strategy

Our strategic vision is to be the number one partner of choice for partner retail brands and healthcare brands, in Baby Care, Feminine care and Adult Care, with leadership positions in Europe and North America. Our mission is to make every day life easier, across generations.

We have grown significantly since our founding through organic growth and several key acquisitions, and we continue to evolve. We are sharpening our focus on our core markets to be more efficient as a company. It is for this reason that we are strongly focused on divesting our branded emerging market businesses.

We believe that driving growth with sustainable healthy margins requires a fundamental shift in our competitiveness. We have set out strategic priorities to achieve this.

In 2022, we began refocusing Ontex’ strategy on Retail and Healthcare brands and strengthening our leadership in Europe and North America. Subsequently, we embarked on a transformation journey with focus on 5-pillars: customer centricity, competitive innovation, sustainability performance, cost-efficient operations and a lean and performance-driven organization, to create value for all our stakeholders. Since then, this strategic focus continues to fuel our transformation.
Going forward, to win together with our customers, we increase investments and sharpen our focus on three value creation drivers: business expansion, competitive and sustainable innovation, and best-in-class operations. Laser focus on the execution of our strategy is enabled by our people and culture.

Our value creation drivers

Ontex aims to be the fastest provider of A-brand equivalents to our retail customers, while also developing more sustainable products. That’s why we are investing significantly in research and development and technical upgrades to our production lines.

Ultimately, it’s our people that define the success of Ontex’s transformation. Our success is based on that collective drive to always go together, strive for improvement and ultimately make it happen. As with every ambition or plan, execution defines the outcome. Therefore, we nurture and cherish a positive and collaborative culture, where everyone understands and is recognized for their critical contribution.

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