making a difference

Imagine a world where everyone has access to affordable personal hygiene products.

That’s the kind of world Ontex is building.Step by step.Creating new experiences in personal hygiene for consumers…while developing our people, and delivering sustainable value to our shareholders, partners, customers and suppliers. Ensuring our relevance, and making a positive impact on the communities around us.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

Consumers know they can rely on us for maximum protection and comfort.

Our partners –retailers and institutional and private healthcare providers- know we never compromize on quality or service.

Our latest news


Ontex Announces Board and Governance Changes

Ontex today announces changes to its Board of Directors and the creation of a Strategy Committee as the company continues to sharpen its strategic focus.

Ontex inaugurates production line for 80 million face masks per year

Ontex today unveiled a production line with a capacity of approximately 80 million face masks per year. Ontex’s face mask production line is located in its factory in Eeklo, Belgium and already produces one hundred thousand masks per day since August.


Ontex: Transparency Declaration Notification

On August 13, 2020, DWS Investment GmbH notified Ontex that it holds, as a result of the disposal of voting securities or voting rights, 2,333,905 shares in Ontex and has so crossed below threshold of 3.00% of voting securities in Ontex on August 7, 2020 to 2.83%.

Everything we dois driven by our desire to make a positive impact on society

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