We have decades of experience in the international personal hygiene business. We’ve seen it grow and change, and know its individualities, complexities and opportunities.

We offer local brands to meet regional needs.


Baby care

In Baby Care, our aim has always been to provide best value whatever the needs. We listen to what consumers have to say, we monitor trends and changes in materials and use this knowledge to keep on developing our products. The approach has helped create a range of successful Baby Care solutions to keep babies and toddlers (and mums and dads) as contented as they can be.

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Feminine care

Our Feminine Care products are driven by protection, comfort and innovation so that we can cater for a whole range of women’s needs and lifestyles.

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Adult care

Experience and research tell us that discretion, protection and dignity are the three key considerations in incontinence solutions. Each of our brands specifically address these concerns and cover the full range of incontinence needs. They are sold both directly to end consumers as well as institutions.

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