Urinary incontinence affects 1 in 4 women above 40 in Turkey. The Turkish Marketing team working on the adult care brand Canped found a way to visualize this taboo topic in a humorous and creative way by creating a 1’20“ video.

There are many ways to create awareness about urinary incontinence but not all of them lead to success and recognition!

Ontex Turkey found the golden thread and made us proud by winning 2 of the most prestigious communication awards in Turkey on November 7th in Istanbul:  Grand Prix, Best Internet Film-Health Communication and Success Award, Best Launch/Re launch Category. 
The humorous angle of presenting the issue of urinary incontinence was highly appreciated by the online world and together with the efforts to promote it via SEO, it reached 3 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

This was a great achievement for Ontex and it succeeded to raise awareness among Health Care Professionals and consumers.

As Murat Elgün, the Marketing Director of Mena states:

“ I am happy to say that we have already seen the positive effects on that side and believe that this will not only support our LI (Light Incontinence)business and our new ultra bladder pad* launch but the whole Canped brand… Since we are mostly rolling out what we have started in Turkey to other MENA countries, this gives more courage and confidence also for our future efforts in other business units”.

A great milestone for Canped and Ontex!

*Ultra stands for ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent as a pad.


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