Innovation in itself isn’t a guaranteed path to success.It requires support from the top, clear insights into customer requirements, consumer preferences and market trends, knowledge of how to create value. You need resources to invest and sustain investments.

That just about sums up Ontex’s own approach to innovation. In both products and processes.

It’s what makes us the partner of choice for consumers, retailers, institutional and private healthcare providers around the world. And what keeps driving us to do it, over and over again.

Our approach to innovation

Innovation is a community effort at Ontex. We have nine dedicated R&D centres dotted around the world staffed by specialists, and we also have our own engineering department. But they don’t live in a bubble. Their work is informed by all of our people to ensure we maintain the steady flow of innovation to our product categories.

Neither do we pretend to have all the answers. We work closely local and international partners from leading universities, laboratories, institutes and research organisations.

Before any new product goes to market, we carefully test and qualify it, both in our own testing laboratories and with the help of independent organisations. At every stage of our development process, we validate our findings using focus groups, lab tests, panels and home use to make sure we have all-round product qualification and products that will meet customer needs.

Partner with us

Our focus is on developing high-performance, cost-effective Baby, Adult and Feminine Care products that offer protection, comfort and fit at competitive prices.

The products are a result of listening to consumers and monitoring market and technical trends. Together, they give us the depth of insight that allows us to meet end-user needs and drive continuous innovation across our products.

We have 19 manufacturing plants strategically placed on five continents. Our scale and size means we are efficient at sourcing high-quality raw materials and navigating complexities.

Scale and size also give us the flexibility and speed to adapt our designs, production and technology. We partner with customers to help them respond rapidly to the specific changes in their markets, wherever they are.

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SeconDRY is a recent Ontex innovation, providing fast dryness in diapers.
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