Innovation is one of the key strategic pillars at Ontex. We develop and deliver the right product and packaging innovation at the right time, inspired by customer and consumer needs, to ensure value creation with sustainability in mind.

Innovative Products

Ontex products are created from rigorous research into market trends, customer and consumer insights, the skills of our engineers and, not least, the creativity of our people. We also collaborate with partner organizations including leading universities, laboratories, institutes, start-ups and research organizations to make sure that we are at the forefront of change.

Innovation examples

Ontex innovation centers

Our technical centers are lspecialized in baby care, adult care or feminine care and staffed by experienced R&D experts in well-equipped labs with their own pilot production lines. We test and qualify products in our labs and with independent organizations and labs.

At every stage of the development process, we validate our findings using focus groups, lab tests, consumer panels and home-use to ensure all-round product qualification.

Our innovation teams work closely with our local teams to ensure the latest insights into customer requirements, consumer preferences and market trends are combined with expertise in product technology and engineering to create maximum value in a sustainable way.

Partner with us

Our focus is on developing high-performance, cost-effective Baby, Adult and Feminine Care products that offer protection, comfort and fit at competitive prices.

The products are a result of listening to consumers and monitoring market and technical trends. Together, they give us the depth of insight that allows us to meet end-user needs and drive continuous innovation across our products.

We have 19 manufacturing plants strategically placed on five continents. Our scale and size means we are efficient at sourcing high-quality raw materials and navigating complexities.

Scale and size also give us the flexibility and speed to adapt our designs, production and technology. We partner with customers to help them respond rapidly to the specific changes in their markets, wherever they are.

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