Retailer brands have been at the core of our business since we started in 1979. They are still a hugely important part of Ontex, and we remain one of the world’s leading suppliers of retailer brands.

Baby Care Products

Right from the very start, babies need the freedom to explore the new world around them in freedom and comfort. The absorption and lock-away properties of our diapers, pants and night pants, gives them just the start they need. Ontex’s continuous innovation helps ensure a great start for parents and children.

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Feminine Care Products

We have a complete range of feminine hygiene products to answer the varying needs and lifestyles of women around the world. Ontex’s innovative panty liners, ultra towels, fluff towels and tampons provide comfort and protection at any time of day. 

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Adult Care Products

All our adult care solutions prioritize discretion, protection and reliability. Ontex’s wide range includes innovative pads, pants, adult diapers and underpads for both light and heavy incontinence.

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Today, we work with national and international retailers to co-develop smart products and complete business solutions to help them establish their own viable and innovative brands in the Baby, Feminine and Adult Care segments.

Our flexible, cost-effective design and production model enables us to develop exactly the type of product retailers need to drive traffic to their brick-and mortar and online stores.

Our retail expertise makes us a creditable, long-term business partner who can work alongside retailers to go beyond the product into marketing strategies, and more.

We have strategically placed manufacturing plants on five continents so we can respond quickly and efficiently to retailers’ needs.

It’s all part of our commitment to bring value to customers.