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  • Tests show that diapers with Ontex’s SeconDRY® technology become dry as fast as the leading A-brand in Europe.
  • Fast dryness is key to avoid irritating a baby’s skin and a key purchase driver for consumers
  • Ontex is quickly rolling out the technology across Ontex diaper brands and diapers Ontex produces for retailers.

SeconDRY vs A-brand

SeconDRY is an instant dryness technology developed by Ontex engineers in Germany that is already being included in diapers produced for major retailers and Ontex brands across the world, and this will continue in the coming months. Ontex and independent lab tests[1] have shown that diapers with SeconDRY technology are as dry as the A-brand diapers tested.

[1] Lab testing by Ontex and independent laboratories, including verification of the faster dryness by the independent SGS Fresenius Institute in Germany in August of 2019.

Quick liquid transport for fast dryness

The quick liquid transport is achieved thanks to a system with absorbing channels inside the core and a special absorbent layer on top. The SeconDRY system makes the top sheet of the diaper feel dry much quicker, for optimal skin protection and comfort.

Patents filed

Ontex has filed several patent applications to protect the inventions that make up SeconDRY, covering 38 countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey.
These patents join Ontex’s large and growing patent portfolio for diapers, including product features which enhance dryness, comfort and absorption.

Lower carbon footprint

The new technology is shown to lead to a lower carbon footprint per diaper, as verified by an internal Ontex assessment methodology.

Local innovation, global production

With nine innovation centers, Ontex can tap into the specific needs of different markets around the world. SeconDRY is made in collaboration between the innovation centers in Mayen, Germany and Eeklo, Belgium.

Successful innovations like SeconDRY are introduced across Ontex’s manufacturing plants on five continents. Ontex’s scale allows innovations to be rolled out fast across geographies, while taking local product innovation and preferences into account.

Recent innovation examples include Ontex’s successful introduction of more natural components in its diapers, the development of an extended baby pants range and the rollout of channel technology across its categories.

Fast rollout across brands and geographies

Ontex has been rolling out the SeconDRY technology fast to European retailer brands and its own brands across the world, since the beginning of 2020.

The SeconDRY technology has hit the shelves at many of Ontex’s retail partners and more are expected to offer consumers the new technology over the next few months. For Ontex’s own diaper brands, SeconDRY is already included in the diaper brand CanBebe in Turkey since the start of 2020, SeconDRY is now also offered in Moltex Pure and Nature diapers in Europe, and the online diaper subscription service in France and the Benelux countries.

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