& Donation policy

When donating goods, Ontex follows the guiding principles below. The donation protocol is only valid for products we have produced. Products such as gloves, which we do not produce, are out of scope as we bring caregivers into contact with our suppliers who can procure the goods for them.

3,381,000+items donated in 2022-2024

If you have a request for personal hygiene products produced by Ontex, please contact
[email protected]

We ask for your patience. There may be a delay in our response due to the number of requests coming in.

Donations policy

The donations should have a local scope and should be aimed at vulnerable groups in society.

Think about organizations supporting:
– elderly people in poverty
– families having financial difficulties to purchase diapers or femcare products
– people in refugee camps
– people who are ill (and their families)
– homeless people

Each organization needs to sign a contract with us to ensure the goods arrive at the right place.

Who we donate to

Radomsko, Poland

Our team donated a total of 1.6 million pieces of personal hygiene products in Poland in 2023. Supported charities for vulnerable people include: Adullam Christian Foundation Association, Lodz Hospice for Children Łupkowa Association, Gajusz Foundation, Koniczynka Association of Parents and Guardians of the Disabled, Silesian Hospice for Children Świetlikowo Foundation, Foundation for Children in Time to Help, St. Lazarus Humanitarian Association in Elk, Reclaim the Joy Foundation, Cross the Boundaries Foundation, Heart for a Toddler Foundation, Sisters of St. Dominika, Home for Boys, HAPPY KIDS Foundation, Children’s Home in Piotrków Trybunalski, Hospice Care Association of Częstochowa Land, Nursing Association With Confidence in the Third Millennium, Team to Support Nursing and Care Facilities No. 1 based in Warsaw

Aalst, Belgium

Employees from our HQ in Belgium donated blood to the Red Cross of Flanders. Thank you to all volunteers!

Dendermonde, Belgium

Employees from our HQ in Belgium collected toys for charity and donated them to the Oscar Romero secondary school in the town of Dendermonde. The toys will be distributed to children in need.

North Carolina, U.S.A.

We couldn’t be prouder to stand alongside LEAD Girls, a remarkable charity that is making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals near our Stokesdale, North Carolina, USA plant. This donation is a reflection of our commitment to the well-being of the communities we are privileged to be a part of.

Czech Republic

The Ontex employees of the Turnov plant in the Czech Republic organized charity events to support a little girl suffering from a rare and serious disease. We would like to thank all the employees who contributed to the charity events.


To support people struck by a devastating series of earthquakes, Ontex Turkey is sending personal care goods with the help of its local humanitarian aid partner AKUT.

Dourges, France

To support people in need, Ontex France donated 40,000 personal hygiene products to the Red Cross in Northern France.


Just like last year, the Ontex team in Poland asked children from local orphanages to write a letter to Santa Claus. They received 41 letters from 3 care and educational institutions in the surrounding towns. On December 6 and 19, the  local Ontex Santa Clauses, accompanied by their helpers, went to the facilities and made many of the wishes of the children come true. 

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A charity called Helping Mamas recently held a diaper drive contest across Georgia in the United States. Employees from Ontex’s Atlanta office helped unload donations, sort and stack diapers by size, and pack care packages for young moms in need. Many thanks to all the employees in Atlanta and the Ontex plant in Stokesdale, North Carolina, for their help and support.

Bruges, Belgium

The Ontex plant in Eeklo, Belgium donated 20,000 menstrual hygiene pads to a school in the city of Bruges. The pads will be distributed to girls in need.

Rouiba, Algeria

The Ontex team in Algeria enabled the supply of large oxygen bottles to the hospital near the Ontex site to treat Covid-19 patients.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Ontex team in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, donated baby diapers and feminine care products to local families who struggle financially to support their households. The donations went to the Atlanta Food Bank and The Gwinnett Co-op Ministry, which helps area families pay their utility bills as well as obtain food, non-food supplies so families can spend their limited income on rent, clothing and medicine.

Radomsko, Poland

The Ontex team in Poland donated more than 380,000 personal hygiene items to local institutions that have Polish and Ukrainian children under their care in cities across Poland.

Karachi, Pakistan

Canbebe Pakistan donated more than 500 packs of Canbebe PREMATURE size 0 diapers to the neonatal units of healthcare providers in Karachi, Pakistan. These include Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital, Dr. Ziaduddin Hospitals, National Institute of Child Health, Jamal Noor Hospital, Indus Hospital and Al-Mustafa Hospital.

East Flanders, Belgium

The Ontex IT team in Aalst, Belgium, donated 8 second hand smartphones to a local school so that Ukrainian refugee children can translate their lessons into the local language. The  principal accepted  the phones on behalf of the Ukrainian refugee children.

North Carolina, U.S.A.

To support young women in their local community, the Ontex plant in Reidsville, North Carolina, U.S.A., donated more than 4,000 feminine hygiene products to 160 middle school girls in need through the charity LEAD Girls of North Carolina.

Ghent, Belgium

Ontex donated 6,000 sanitary napkins to 29 schools and boarding schools of the non-profit association SKOG in Ghent, Belgium to combat rising menstrual poverty. Read more: https://ontex.com/news/ontex-donates-6000-sanitary-napkins-to-schools-in-ghent-belgium-in-the-battle-against-rising-menstrual-poverty/


‘Puebla Comparte’ is a charity campaign in Mexico, first launched in 2017. Its goal is to fight hunger and malnutrition in the region by collecting and distributing kilos of rice and beans to those in need. Our legal department at Ontex Mexico wanted to help and launched their own campaign called ‘Ontex Comparte’. We are proud to announce that our colleagues donated 500 kilos of rice and beans to families in need.


In March 2022, Ontex teams across Europe donated more than 1,000,000 personal hygiene items to people in need from Ukraine. The goods were distributed through charities who focus on refugees and other people in need.

More information about our donations: https://ontex.com/news/ontex-donates-1-million-hygiene-products-for-refugees-from-ukraine/


To help school children from disadvantaged families who cannot afford a computer to follow lessons from home, Ontex donated 50 used laptop computers to families in the area surrounding Ontex’ headquarters in Aalst, Belgium, through local charity 4Dewereldgroep Aalst.


Ontex donated 142,000 baby diapers to the Red Cross in Belgium to further help families affected by a flood.
The Ontex warehouse team in Belgium proudly handed over the diapers to the Red Cross representative on January 26, 2022.

Aalst, Belgium, 12/2021

Employees of Ontex’s HQ in Aalst, Belgium donated Christmas gifts to local charity Goedewil. The gifts will be distributed to families in need in the region of Aalst, Belgium.

Dourges, France, 12/2021

Faced with the urgent need for personal hygiene products for families in need in the North of France, Ontex has donated more than 469,000 baby diapers through the Red Cross.
The Red Cross in the North of France will be in charge of distributing the diapers to families in need.

Puebla, Mexico, 11/2021

Ontex Mexico responded to a call for help from the local authorities and donated 40,680 feminine hygiene products to help people staying in a shelter after an explosion in the San Pablo Xochimehuacan area.

La Palma, Spain, 11/2021

Ontex Spain donated 18,000 personal hygiene items to the Red Cross to help victims of the volcano eruption on the Spanish island of La Palma.
“This emergency affects many people in Spain and our local communities and we want to contribute our more than 40 years of experience in personal hygiene to help people who have lost everything”, said Jose Ignacio Luengo, Ontex’s plant manager in Segovia, Spain.

Russia, 10/2021

Ontex in Russia donated 22,000 diapers for babies and adults to 2 charity organizations in September and October of 2021: the home for the retired and disabled near Ontex’s factory in the city of Noginsk and charity fund Good Deeds With Us in Orekhovo-Zuyevo near Moscow.
The charity fund provides help to (single-parent) families in need, retired and disabled people and veterans.

Belgium, 10/2021

Charity 4dewereldgroep Aalst in Belgium received 7,500 face masks from our Executive Vice President Innovaton and Sustainability, Annick De Poorter on October 14th. The charity specializes in improving the life of people in poverty by providing support, insights and advocacy from people in similar situations.

Mexico 09/2021

Ontex Mexico delivered 80,000 Mía feminine care products to women in vulnerable situations through  local charities Reinserta, La Cana and Ayuda Org.

Mía, a unique brand in Mexico specially for heavy flows, will donate fem pads to support around 3,000 women through these 3 Civil Society Associations until December 2021. More information about the campaign:  https://mia-periodoabundante.com

Poland 08/2021

Ontex Poland donated more than 146,000 baby diapers to local institutions supporting families and children in need during the summer of 2021.

The baby diapers were donated to the Association for Disabled People Koniczynka in the city of Radomsko, the Polish Red Cross in Radomsko, 3 childcare homes in the cities of Częstochowa, Piotrków Trybunalski and Warsaw and 3 hospices for Children in the cities of Kraków and Łódź, Donations also went to the Family Service Foundation Fundation Gajusz in the city of Łódź, association Szlachetna paczka in the city of Cracow and the Belchakov land Association.

Belgium, 07/2021
Germany, 07/2021

To continue helping people affected by the floods that swept through Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands in July of 2021, we transported  300,000 feminine hygiene products to the Red Cross in Liège, Belgium. By providing our products, we hope we can help guarantee dignity, comfort and hygiene to all people in need, who were already heavily impacted by the pandemic. Our thoughts continue to go out to everyone and we want to thank all aid workers for their efforts.

Puebla, Mexico 06/2021

In June 2021, the food bank of Puebla, Mexico thanked  Ontex for its donation of thousands of personal hygiene products to people in need during the pandemic.

Puebla, Mexico 01/2021

In January 2021, the Ontex team in Puebla, Mexico donated 39,000 feminine hygiene products to women and young girls in need through local charity Fundación Origen.

Antwerp, Belgium 12/2020

In December 2020, the Ontex plant in Eeklo, Belgium donated feminine hygiene products to women and young girls in need through charities Antwerp Family for Justice Center and Anthos vzw.

Segovia, Spain 12/2020

In December of 2020, the team of the Ontex plant in Segovia, Spain, donated 126,000 personal hygiene items to the Spanish Red Cross (Cruz Roja). The goods will be donated to families in need across Spain and the Castilla y Leon region.

Aalst, Belgium 12/2020

In December of 2020, Ontex’ headquarters in Belgium donated 20 laptops to schools in the city of Aalst to help children who are quarantined due to Covid-19. The principal of elementary school Duizendpootjes and a representative of charity organization Digitaalst received the laptops at Ontex’ headquarters on December 5, 2020.

Aalst, Belgium 10/2020

In October 2020, Ontex donated 40 boxes with diapers, incontinence pads and pants, tampons and sanitary napkins to families in need in the city of Aalst through local non-profit organization Arminaa.

Puebla, Mexico 11/2020

In November 2020, workers from the Ontex plant in Puebla, Mexico donated 36,000 feminine hygiene pads to local women in need.

Tijuana, Mexico 08/2020

On 6th August 2020, Ontex  Mexico donated more than 90,000 baby diapers in Tijuana, Mexico. This donation action is channeled through the Miracle Babies Association, aiming at providing support to families in need.

Moscow, Russia 07/2020

On 30th July 2020, Ontex Russia donated around 30,000 sanitary items to the Morozovsky Children’s Hospital in Moscow.  In total, more than 1000 children have received help from this action.

Mayen, Germany 06/2020

In June of 2020, the staff of the Ontex factory in the city of Mayen, Germany donated 30,500 diapers to the local youth welfare office who will forward these to local families who have been financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Turnov, Czech Republic 06/2020

In June of 2020, Ontex Czech Republic donated more than 39,000 sanitary items to Turnov and Liberec hospitals. This is the second wave of their charity action, after donating 50,000 baby diapers in May of 2020.

Noginsk, Russia 07/2020

In July 2020, Ontex Russia donated 46,000 hygienic products to the Central District Hospital in the city of Noginsk, the charity fund More than Life in Noginsk and the charity organization Nechayannaya Radosti in the Vladimir region. In total, more than 200 families have received help from the Ontex Russia team.

Puebla, Mexico 07/2020

On July 2nd, Ontex in Puebla (Mexico) donated more than 78,000 baby diapers and feminine hygiene items to support children and young women in care homes of Puebla’s SEDIF family charity organization.

Turnov, Czech Republic 05/2020

The Ontex plant in Turnov, Czech Republic donated 50,000 diapers to a local hospital in May of 2020.

Brussels, Belgium 06/2020

In June of 2020, Ontex donated 176,000 Moltex baby diapers to Brussels children’s charity organization Huis van het Kind to support families and children in need.

Poland 06/2020

Ontex Poland donated 109,270 Dada baby diapers to local institutions supporting families and children in need in June of 2020. The baby diapers were donated to the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in the city of Łódź (ICZMP), the Association for Disabled People Koniczynka in the city of Radomsko, 3 Childcare Homes in Częstochowa and Piotrków Trybunalski and Hospice for Children Alma Spei in Kraków.

France 06/2020

Ontex France donated over 538,000 Little Big Change baby diapers to support families in need, through a gift to the French Red Cross in June 2020.


Ontex Spain donated 220,000 Moltex baby diapers and 9,000 bibs to local charity organization Fundación Madrina, which supports women with young children in need.

Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia 05/2020

Ontex Ethiopia donated 320 cartons of Canbebe baby diapers to the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth in May of 2020. These will be donated to families and children in need.

Warsaw and Radomsko, Poland

Ontex Poland and Biedronka donated ~175 000 Dada baby diapers to The Institute Mother and Child, an organization who takes care of mothers and children during and after the pregnancy. During these difficult times, this charity organization particularly supports families and mothers in need, which Ontex and retailer Biedronka are happy to support. Biedronka is Poland’s most popular retail chain and owner of the brand Dada.

Puebla, Mexico 04/2020

On April 24, Ontex Mexico donated 110,248 hygienic products to charity organization and food bank Banco de Alimentos de México, Cáritas in Puebla.

Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia 04/2020

In April, the team of Ontex brand Canbebe donated to a charity organization founded by the mayor of Addis Abbaba, where our plant in Ethiopia is located. The donation will be transferred to hospitals, caregivers and food banks. The Canbebe team received a sincere thank you note from the Ethiopian Government and was recognized on Ethiopian national TV and on social media.

Puebla, Mexico 04/2020

On April 22nd, Ontex Mexico donated baby diapers to help children in need, who are staying at the Puebla, Mexico shelter home Una Nueva Esperanza with their families during the COVID-19 situation.

Tbilisi, Georgia 04/2020

Ontex brand Canbebe contributed to a Georgian government donation campaign for low-income families with children in need. 250 donation bags of Canbebe which contain baby diapers, wet-wipes, underpads, shampoo and baby cream were delivered to Tblisi city hall on April 1st.

Tijuana, Mexico 05/2020

On May 5, Ontex Tijuana donated 63,236 hygienic products to Banco de Alimentos de Tijuana (BANATI). On April 23, Ontex donated 170,000 personal hygiene products to Tijuana’s Municipal DIF System, a government organization that supports children and families in need.

Aalst, Belgium

Lending spare laptops for home schooling in Aalst, Belgium
The Ontex corporate IT department , based in Aalst (Belgium), lent three spare laptops to a school in the city of Aalst, who will distribute the laptops to families who cannot afford computer equipment, so their children can follow homeschooling classes until the pandemic lockdown measures are lifted.

Karachi, Pakistan 04/2020

On April 3rd, Ontex Pakistan delivered 100 bags of Canped adult diapers from Ontex’s plant in Karachi to Karachi’s Civil Hospital, as part of its commitment to keep providing essential personal hygiene goods to support Pakistan’s National Action Plan. Ontex’s South Asia Director Mr Ameen Jan met with the Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital, Dr. Khadim Hussain Qureshi, and was apprised of the hospital’s plans and requirements in this regard, especially for protective equipment.

Segovia, Spain 03/2020

In March, Ontex Spain donated 94,000 gloves from global suppliers to the caregivers in the Castilla y Leon region. Please note that we do not produce gloves or face masks ourselves as our current machinery is not fitted for this type of products, but we keep looking into sourcing these products through our suppliers as we share everyone’s concern about this global pandemic.

Ontex Spain donated 94,000 latex and vinyl gloves  to the Health Service of Castilla y Leon. The Health Service in the Region took care of distributing all material coming from donations according to the specific needs of Hospitals and Public Nursing Homes. The reception of the gloves was confirmed by official letter, thanking Ontex on behalf of the medical workers.

Wuhan, China 02/2020

In February, Ontex donated adult pants to help carers in Wuhan work safely.
At the height of the Covid 19 crisis in China in February, doctors and nurses were working with full protective suits. Taking off these suits entailed risks and took time. Many caregivers wore adult pants, reducing the need for sanitary stops and lowering the risk of contagion. “Ontex offered to help these people in February,” said Armando Amselem, Ontex President for the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia Division of Ontex. “In terms of logistics, we had to respond quickly and we made every effort to get those materials to the affected Wuhan region as quickly as possible. Ontex did this for humanitarian reasons: the materials were donated, not sold. The feedback from the doctors and nurses showed great gratitude: they were able to help more people with less risk.”