Ontex’s X-Core technology for adult pants meets consumer demand for ease of use, discretion and leakage protection 

Women are the majority of people with urinary incontinence. Main triggers are loss of muscular strength after 40, menopause and post-partum.

With deep understanding of consumer´s needs, we invest in developing products that will embrace maturing women through life’ changes, offering products that deliver outstanding protection and discretion.

As bladder weakness can also arise as a symptom of other conditions, it is a multidisciplinary matter. Ontex associates with multiple healthcare professionals to help disseminate information, knowledge on the matter and propagate best practices in treating not only symptoms of the patient’s condition, but also their impact on quality of life.

X-CORE technology

Our channeled X-CORE that offers instant absorption and keeps humidity away from skin for a fresher feeling and enhanced comfort, while increasing protection and discretion.

The X-CORE Channel system is a technology that offer consumers anti leakage protection in a discrete pant that feels closer to regular underwear than ever before.

The technology has been tested with nearly 500 consumers who declared a significant preference in comparison to non-channeled competitor’s pants.

Unbeatable preference highlights, above competitors, include the following aspects:

  • High absorption capacity, dry feeling and outstanding prevention of leaks
  • Discrete and comfortable fit to the silhouette, helping consumers to keep mobility and an active lifestyle
  • Exceptional odor control, for further discretion

In parallel, product lab testing shows a substantial improvement in absorption speed and instant dryness , confirming the extra protection and skin comfort, which consumers prefer and leading to significantly superior purchase intent vs the competition, both branded and retail private labels.

Ontex Discrete adult pants with NEW Channeled X-CORE  features:

Superior Leakage Protection and Unbeatable Dry Feeling:

  • The core of Ontex Discrete adult pants is fitted with an exclusive channel designed to quickly and seamlessly absorb moisture 2x faster * and distribute it evenly, keeping the skin dry and enhancing comfort in usage throughout the day.
  • The channel unique X-Shape allows for extra distribution at the back of the adult pants and further prevents leakage.
  • Discreet adult pants with NEW Channeled X-CORE guides fluid away from the skin. Liquid immediately turns into gel, being locked away inside the core, without risk of leakage on the sides, front or back.

Ultimate Fit & Comfort:

  • Through its absorption and distribution strengths NEW Channeled X-CORE pants instantly feels dry wherever skin touches the pants. The minimal contact with damp or wetness in the dermatologically tested pants allows for a healthy skin.  Breathable channel zones and waist area complete the fresh feeling for a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • Meanwhile its exclusive Odor Control Technology neutralises odours instantly and for longer
  • The discrete adult pants with NEW Channeled X-CORE offer more flexibility, allowing a seamless and long lasting discrete fit that fully adapt to feminine curves and does not weight or sag, being invisible under clothing. Its softer underwear like material is inspired by feminine lingerie for a soft & gentle feel on skin.
  • Its breathable materials allow the heat to get out, for a fresher feeling all day long.