Ontex’s DreamshieldTM technology meets consumer demand for ease of use and leakage protection 


We continually improve the design, materials, and technology of our baby pants. Recent technology we introduced is the Dreamshield back pocket, which further enhances performance and upgrades leakage protection.

With the introduction of Dreamshield, Ontex aims to meet the evolving consumers’ needs and enable parents to enjoy quality time with their babies without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

Dreamshield is designed to address urine and liquid stool leaking from the back of pants.


Dreamshield is a unique technology that forms a barrier to block both pee and poop. It consists of two layers: the outer layer is comfortable and soft for baby skin, while the inner layer is robust and powerful, catching and locking in urine and liquid stool.


About Ontex baby pants' performance

Ontex consumers appreciate Ontex pants  for:

  • Ultimate Fit & Comfort: Ontex pants are chosen for providing an excellent fit, ensuring comfort for babies and toddlers.
  • Leakage Protection: One of the essential features consumers appreciate better in Ontex pants.
  • Dry Feeling: Our pants are designed to quickly absorb moisture and distribute it evenly, keeping the baby’s skin dry. This helps prevent irritation and any discomfort.