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Aalst–Erembodegem (Belgium), March 9, 2016 – Ontex, a leading worldwide producer of personal hygiene products for babies, women and adults, would like to emphasize the following with reference to recent share sales by company executives.

Ontex operates a strict share dealing code that ensures that trading in company shares by Ontex personnel is fully compliant with applicable laws. That code, amongst other things, prohibits share dealing during “closed periods” preceding results announcements and during “prohibited periods” where the company otherwise is aware of price-sensitive information.

The share sales that have been made public recently all took place in the context of irrevocable trading mandates granted to independent brokers, and requiring those brokers to effect trades based on limit orders or other trading parameters. These mandates are granted before the start of any closed or prohibited period, and the brokers execute them entirely independently, without any ability from the executives concerned subsequently to amend, revoke the mandate or otherwise interfere with, the trading.

The Ontex executive management remains significantly invested in the Ontex stock, and still holds, collectively, 1.218.715 shares (or 70% of the interest they held at the time of the IPO, and 1.71% of the total shares outstanding).

About Ontex

Ontex is a leading producer of disposable personal hygiene products, ranging from baby diapers to products for feminine hygiene and adult incontinence. Ontex’s products are distributed in more than 100 countries through Ontex brands as well as leading retailer brands.

The group employs over 5,500 staff and has a presence in 23 countries. Ontex is listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels.


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