ORIZON: Reinventing Continence Care Together

Caregiving is hard but incontinence care is even harder. ​

Orizon, the brand for our new smart protection, takes us forward on our mission to promote more active and connected continence care:​

  • Increasing the dignity of residents​
  • Increasing care staff’s job satisfaction, and time for bonding moments​
  • Optimizing the total continence management cost ​

The combination of our top-quality protections and new technology allows to accurately monitor wetness saturation and alert caregivers on when a protection must be changed. This results in a lower risk of leakages, an optimal use of absorbents and has a positive impact on dignity, direct cost and sustainability.

Orizon is born with the ambition to become the Ontex Healthcare service brand and propose a complete solution for continence care: strong incontinence brands, excellence in global care, training & education and sustainable growth. ​

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