Diaper composting

Ontex’s global R&D team and its baby care brand Little Big Change have been working with the circular economy company Les Alchimistes since April 2021. Together, in line with Ontex’s sustainability strategy, the goal is to create a new circular economy cycle that allows used diaper pads of reusable diapers to be collected and composted, reducing waste landfilling and incineration.
Industrial composting is a  commercial method for disposing used diapers and a better alternative to landfilling or incineration.Ontex is constantly looking for ways to replace the non-compostable components of diapers with compostable alternatives, with the goal of making large-scale composting of diapers a reality.

Pilot project near Paris

In 2021, Ontex and Les Alchimistes launched a pilot project at the Les Alchimistes’ industrial composting facility near Paris.Ontex wanted to prove that industrial composting of the first compostable product prototype, a diaper pad, is possible.In the process, 30 families in Paris tested industrially compostable LittleBigChange diaper pads. Twice a week, used diapers were picked up by a bicycle company and taken to the Les Alchimistes industrial composting facility where the industrial composting process took place. In the meantime the pilot project was completed. This allowed Ontex to validate its first compostable prototype.Watch the video of the Ontex industrial diaper composting pilot project near Paris.