New Ontex Service Aims at Breaking Incontinence Taboos

Aalst, Belgium, August 31, 2021 – Ontex Group NV (Euronext Brussels: ONTEX) today announced the launch of A Lovely Day, its first digital subscription brand in incontinence. A Lovely Day is launched in France as a challenger brand that protects people from stigma surrounding incontinence, as much as it protects them from incontinence itself.


Taboo, especially among young people
According to a 2019 study by the French opinion research group IFOP 43% of people polled in France see incontinence as a taboo subject, including more than 30% above 50 years old.

Removing anxiety
“Incontinence is a daily reality for 4 million people in France, and we want to support them from the moment they first experience this major change in their life”, said Joel Santos, Vice President Strategy and Digital, Ontex. The act of buying incontinence protection is more often synonymous with embarrassment than with freedom. Protection is usually bought quickly in the store, without really taking the time to identify a product adapted to one’s needs. These are the factors that turn this purchase into an anxious moment. That is why, with a totally flexible and personalized online subscription system – including an entry quiz and a trial kit – A Lovely Day delivers a personalized but discrete solution, in a neutral packaging.

Removing barriers to get help
The communication efforts of Ontex’s new brand A Lovely Day can support  to diminish the incontinence taboo, helping people who become incontinent to cope with this change in their life by lowering their anxiety. Ontex hopes to support consumers by sharing its 40+ years of experience with incontinence products. To mobilize a maximum of individuals in France, a Lovely Day also wants to contribute to a movement that gives more freedom of expression to people concerned by incontinence.

Besides offering this new subscription-based incontinence brand, A Lovely Day also considers it extremely important to support its users with valuable advice and tips. This advice will be delivered at home alongside the product range but will also be available on the brand’s website to guide all people concerned by incontinence as well as caregivers that are often confronted with incontinence.

The brand distinguishes itself by being fully online and subscription-based, offering a range of quality products with a candid communication style. A Lovely Day is first launched on the French market, with a possibility to roll out in other markets, in a similar approach to Ontex’s growing baby care subscription service Little Big Change, which is now available in 6 countries.

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