We commit to an inclusive and fair society

Ontex strives to create a world where everyone can embrace life’s many changes. To do this successfully, Ontex believes in building a culture where everyone is able to bring their best to work, are treated fairly & safely, feel included within the organization and also feel valued for their unique perspectives and contributions.

In terms of building trust internally and externally, we have made the following commitments.

1Health & Safety

We strive for zero occupational accidents.

  • +/- 50% reduction of our accident frequency rate vs 2020

7 of our plants were accident free in 2021.


2Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)

Our DEI strategy is centred around three main aspirations:

  • We aim to achieve gender parity in leadership by 2030
  • We want to advance equity and create a culture of inclusion
  • We aim to play an active role in the development and career advancement of women

Our sustainability reportsDiversity equity and inclusion at Ontex