As a leading international group, we want to help address the Covid-19 crisis with our more than 40 years of experience in personal hygiene to provide products that are of vital need today.

Safety Measures

As the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world, many healthcare workers and people in shelter-at-home situations rely on Ontex products for personal hygiene.

Our top priority is the safety of our employees and the millions of personal hygiene products we produce every day.

How Ontex keeps people and products safe

Surgical face mask production

Ontex is building capacity to produce 80 million surgical facemasks per year.

Producing 2R-type surgical facemasks in Eeklo, Belgium

Ontex Donations

Ontex donates products to help caregivers and people in need.

3,820,000+ items donated

Our donations and donation policy

Stories from the Ontex Group during the Covid-19 pandemic

UK: A grateful consumer of our personal hygiene products sent us a 'thank you' email
Picture for illustration - not the customer

In March, the Ontex UK team received an encouraging email from an elderly man, suffering from prostate cancer and a loyal customer of our adult pants. He addressed his letter to the entire Ontex company:

“Your product has provided me with a level of dignity that is far greater than one would have imagined, so I would like to thank those most sincerely who designed the product, those that manufacture the product and the excellent distribution/delivery systems that you have in place to support people like me.”

Employees Send Hundreds of Thank you Messages to Plant Workers

To thank the Ontex plant workers, hundreds of Ontex office workers who are currently working from shelter-at-home situations shared pictures with thank you messages. They thank their thousands of manufacturing colleagues for their hard work and their contribution to provide hygiene, dignity and comfort to people in hospitals, care homes and shelter-at-home situations around the world. We are in this together!

Belgium: top executives support plant workers

Chief Transformation Officer Thierry Navarre visited the plant workers in Buggenhout, Belgium in April to listen to workers and find new ways to support their daily needs during this unprecedented situation. Executive Vice Presidents Annick De Poorter (R&D, Quality and Sustainability) and Astrid De Lathauwer (HR) supported the workers in the Eeklo plant.