Have A Lovely Day

Adult incontinence – one of the last remaining taboo subjects. The world needs a new outlook, a new perspective.

Ontex is launching A Lovely Day, with a new vision for adult incontinence.  Bold, humorous and with optimistic point of view in a category that is filled with taboos.

A paradigm shift. What if incontinence was not a problem anymore? After all, it’s just a natural bodily process. Why let it get in the way of our daily lives? This is the purpose of A Lovely Day: to make it’s customers want to enjoy life. A life guided by a confident attitude and optimistic point of view, free from taboos and embarrassment.

A digital native brand and a model based on a subscription system, to guide consumers to the ideal solutions for them and encourage them to break away from clichés and take it easy, putting a smile on their faces and bringing convenience to a complicated process.

A Lovely Day is on the side of those who appreciate the little things in life and do not allow anything to spoil their day.

A Lovely Day | Urge for freedom

A Lovely Day

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